[titleborder title=”PROGRESS BAR” color=”red”][divider height=”10″][progressbar text=”RED – 100%” color=”red” percentage=”100″]
[progressbar text=”ORANGE – 90%” color=”orange” percentage=”90″]
[progressbar text=”YELLOW – 80%” color=”yellow” percentage=”80″]
[progressbar text=”GREEN – 70%” color=”green” percentage=”70″]
[progressbar text=”VIOLET – 60%” color=”violet” percentage=”60″]
[progressbar text=”BLUE – 50%” color=”blue” percentage=”50″]
[divider height=”40″]


[divider height=”20″]

[progressbar text="LOREM IPSUM" color="yellow" percentage="100"]

[divider height=”40″]

Parameters of the shortcodes

[divider height=”20″]

Parameters Description
[progressbar text=”” insert your progressbar title
[progressbar color=”” Use the lovetravel color class (red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet)
[progressbar percentage=”” Use this parameter to define the width of your bar (0 to 100)

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